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Backing tracks for shows and records

If you want to order custom made backing tracks with great quality for your show project or similar, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking for commercial karaoke backing tracks, you’ve come to the wrong place. At customsingbacks.com there is no bank with pre-made, existing music, all songs are made upon customer request only.

No pre-made song bank - all recordings are made upon customer request only

customsingbacks.com has no bank with existing songs, those that normally can be found on cheaper karaoke pages. customsingbacks.com creates songs upon customer request only. Every recording is carefully created in a music studio, every recording is unique for every customer.

Pop / rock

We have great experience in producing rock and pop songs with drums, percussion, guitars, bass, synths & piano.

Classical music

There are no problems to imitate a symphonic orchestra. Each instrument is programmed separately.

Broadway musical music

customsingbacks.com has produced all music for musicals playing both in America and in Europe.

Bigband music

With a strong musical ear, musicality and great sound banks, even bigband music can be created without sheet music.

Songs in a smaller format

If you want a simpler, more naked approach with only a few, carefully selected instruments, that is fine.

Here's how it's done

  1. You send us a song and tell us the specifics about how you want it to be.
  2. We listen to it and calculate the amount of work hours and a price.
  3. You receive an offer and an invoice that you pay.
  4. We deliver your backing track on a date we agree on.

customsingbacks.com combines genuine musicality, playing skills and genre feeling with the very latest recording techniques to create the most well-sounding backtracks for your show, performance, record, musical, revue or alike. Use customsingbacks.com when you are unable to use a live orchestra, or when you need custom music tracks.

customsingbacks.com should not be mixed up with the rest of the amateur music makers on the Internet – these are backtracks for and by professionals – for real.

Satisfied customers, a selection

Hector Rojo Musical Production (Mexico), TV show host Ulf Larsson’s different stage shows, Munktorp Theatre, Falkenberg Revue Inc, Handball team GUIF, Opera singer Freddy Amigo, Amfora Production, Sollentuna Revue, ABF, SENSUS, Eskilstuna Dance Festival, Eskilstuna Revue Inc, Scenfolket Trelleborg, the Musical about Pippi Longstocking in Kalmar

customsingbacks.com has created recordings for several musical crews, including “Sugar” (Some like it hot), Wicked, Miss Saigon, Mary Poppins and Pippi Longstocking.


Without doubt, you are a true music genius! The piece turned out even better than I imagined. We have listened to it several times, and enjoyed every part of it, especially the parts where you add your own, special magical touch!
Hector Rojo

Musical Producer, Mexico City, Mexico

Price examples

Pop / rock song with 4-5 instruments
(drums, bass, keyboard, 1-2 guitars):

  • 135 USD per minute of produced music. It takes 3 hours to produce 1 minute of music.

Jazz / big band song with 17-22 instruments
(drums, percussion, bass, piano, guitar, 5 saxophones, 4 trombones, 4 trumpets, maybe vibraphone and strings):

  • 225 USD per minute of produced music. It takes 5 hours to produce 1 minute of music.

Symphonic music with 28-30 instruments
(1st violin, 2nd violin, viola, cello, double bass, 1 piccolo, 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 1 english horn, 2 clarinet, 1 bass clarinet, 1 bassoon, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, 3 french horns, 1 tuba, 3 symphonic percussion, maybe harp and piano):

  • 270 USD per minute of produced music. It takes 6 hours to produce 1 minute of music.

Musical music with 32-37 instruments
(drums, bass, keyboard, 1-2 guitars, 1st violin, 2nd violin, viola, cello, double bass, 1 piccolo, 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 1 english horn, 2 clarinet, 1 bass clarinet, 1 bassoon, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, 3 french horns, 1 tuba, 3 symphonic percussion, maybe harp and piano):

  • 270 USD per minute of produced music. It takes 6 hours to produce 1 minute of music.

NOTE! Exact prices are calculated per song after having listened to them!

Order form

  • Max. file size: 200 MB.
  • If your original song can be found on youtube or any other open video site, write the link in this box.
  • For instance dinner show, revue, musical, CD, music video, school performance, dance show, company logo
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

The Fine Print

1) What is a music backing track?
Music used instead of a live orchestra, also called a singback.

2) When is a music backing track used?
When budget or space does not allow for a live orchestra, or to ensure quality at, for example, auditions.

3) Does the music backing track have to sound like the original?
No, it can either mimic the original or have its own unique style.

4) Can my music backing track sound exactly like the original?
No, an exact copy is impossible, but with modern technology, the similarity can be significant.

5) Do I need to provide sheet music?
No, musikbakgrund.se can work without sheet music thanks to skill and technology.

6) Can the background be recorded in a different key?
Yes, the customer decides the key.

7) How is a music backing track recorded?
With computer software and virtual instruments to mimic various instruments.

8) What distinguishes music from musikbakgrund.se from others?
The quality and use of specialized plug-ins provide a realistic sound.

9) What virtual instruments are available?
A wide variety, from drum sets to symphonic percussion.

10) Are any instruments recorded live?
Yes, primarily guitars to achieve authenticity.

11) How are realistic wind instruments achieved?
With an electronic saxophone to simulate natural phrasings.

12) How are realistic drum sounds created?
Through specialized drum plug-ins.

13) Who is behind musikbakgrund.se?
Andreas Zetterberg Österlund, a professional musician with broad expertise.

14) What does a music backing track cost?
It depends on the project’s scope and complexity; several factors such as the complexity of the original and its length. Simpler projects take about 4-7 hours, more detailed ones can take up to 30 hours. The hourly rate is 400 SEK (excl. VAT), 650 SEK for rush jobs.

15) How does the ordering process work?
Make an inquiry well in advance, approve the time estimate, and pay the invoice to start.

16) How do payment and potential adjustments work?
Advance payment is required to avoid fraud. Minor adjustments are possible after delivery, but major changes are not allowed.

17) How do usage rights and responsibilities work?
The customer can use the music backing track in live performances but cannot sell or modify it. The customer is responsible for permissions and fees.